Fall is here

Definitely our favourite season.


Our little pumpkins

@ Michell’s Farms (after seeing the chaos at Galey Farms).


DJ Arlo

He can pretty much spend the whole day playing music in the car. He has yet to…

20+ Best Travel WordPress Themes 2014 – aThemes Shared via the Google app iRex

Preschool in October

Preschool in October

Enter the Dragon

Created by Tlell.

Go Taktik

Go Taktik

Probably the most impressive rugged mobile phone case for the iPhone yet.

"We're raising a generation of sad, pale, bloated wimps, but it's fixable."


Checking out the house boats

Walking around with Auntie Jess and Uncle Chris at Fisherman’s Wharf.



A new day after morning the loss of Summit.

Tracking social data overtime and changing what we know about history

‘Dataclysm’ author Christian Rudder argues Big Data online is changing history | The Current with Anna Maria…

Always obey traffic signs

Always obey traffic signs

  Uh okay, if I must :) Taken with Instagram at King’s Chinese Cuisine) Instagram filter used:…