Thanksgiving with John and Teresa

Remembering celebrating their first Canadian Thanksgiving.

2nd annual visit to the Oak Bay Tea Party

First mini-roller coaster ride…

Mortimer in 1991-92

Here is what Mortimer looked like in 1991-1992.

I’m Not The Only One

Just added this one to “Mellow“.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard’s Top 10 Tips to Be a Better Leader

Morning with dad

Forrest needed to nap and Arlo got to see how an oil change is done. We then…

Last days of parental leave

9-months… Good times…

Mortimer – move-in renovation prep

Photos of the house with the previous owner’s stuff gone. Move-in prepping for 2-weeks during parental leave….

Gentlemen Only

I landed on Gentleman Only – Casual Chic every time.  

Our friend Reka in Nepal

Inside the Daddy Wars


Got on Used Victoria for $140. Paint and supplies, $60 Total number of hours spent stripping all…