Our friend Reka in Nepal

Inside the Daddy Wars


“So What’cha Want” (Beastie Boys Cover)

Neat. From the guys of The Record Company.

Please help Nepal

Nepal earthquake: what the thousands of victims share is that they are poor http://t.co/MFu4sxpZiG — The Guardian…

Why I am a feminist

10 celebrities with the best responses for why they’re feminists http://t.co/42PylJySwW pic.twitter.com/uolM4bbKNy — Mic (@micnews) April 27,…

Sheesh!!!! He passed!

I was a bit skeptical about whether he would like skating since I am not a strong…

Mellow playlist

Mostly acoustic for the hopeless, sappy romantics…

My List of Pretty Slick Themes & Design Folks who love WordPress

Here is my list in no particular order, but first…


Mile High

Mile High Mountain Ale….so good it made my balls numb.


Finding the Lost Toys game

It started off by just simply hiding and then finding his Paw Patrol figurines and now has…

Lessons from a library and others on how to engage employees

#socialmedia smarts: lessons from a library and others on how to engage employees @miapearson http://t.co/Re8gjE84O3 — The…

Best MLB strikeout pitchers of all-time

Well, at least during my lifetime.